Humidity Monitor Reset


If your Humidity Monitor is reading inaccurately, not turning on, or showing partial digits, please review the suggestions below.


You will want to ensure the following first:

  • Verify you are using fresh batteries in the sensor. Lithium batteries are recommended for installation locations where temperatures can go below -4°F/-20°C.
  • Verify you are using batteries with a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts.          
    NOTE: Some rechargeable batteries carry low or inconsistent voltages that may not properly power the device.  
  • Mixing different battery types (brands, old/new, etc.) is not recommended.


Hard Reset:

Once you have verified that you are using recommended batteries, please remove the batteries for a full five minutes to allow the unit to power down completely before replacing the batteries. Please allow at least 20 minutes for the unit to adjust to its surroundings before comparing readings.


If the Home Comfort Icon / Humidity Level Icon is inaccurate, please review the following link:

Home Comfort Icon / Humidity Level Icon


If you are still experiencing concerns, please contact our U.S. based support staff by Submitting a Request or by chatting with our Live Agents. If you already have an open ticket with a support agent, please reply to the last email sent.