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AcuRite's weather and environment products that track indoor humidity feature a humidity level icon, or home comfort icon, to easily convey a low, high, or ideal humidity level for your health and home environment. Humidity can have a large impact on your personal comfort, health safety, and valuables (learn more). The ideal humidity level, or home comfort, is determined through relative humidity (RH) levels, as demonstrated by the images below.


low humidity home comfort

humidity OK for home comfort

humidity HIGH for home comfort

LOW Humidity Level
Less than 25% RH
Humidity level is low relative to the temperature*. This makes for a dry environment.

OK Humidity Level
Between 25% - 55% RH
Humidity level is OK relative to the temperature*. This makes for a comfortable environment.

HIGH Humidity Level
Over 55% RH
Humidity level is high relative to the temperature*. This makes for a humid environment.


*If the humidity is between 25% and 55% and the temperature is within 65-73 degrees Fahrenheit/18-23 degrees Celsius the device will indicate that the humidity level is OK. If the readings were to drop below 65 degrees Fahrenheit/18 degrees Celsius or 25% humidity the device would indicate LOW humidity. If the levels rise above 73 degrees Fahrenheit/23 degrees Celsius or 55% humidity, the device would indicate HIGH humidity.

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