5-in-1 Shows Inaccurate Temperature or Humidity


If the temperature or humidity is inaccurate, please confirm the following:


  1. Make sure both the display unit and 5-in-1 sensor are placed away from any heat sources or vents.
  2. Make sure both the display unit and 5-in-1 sensor are positioned away from moisture sources.
  3. Make sure the 5-in-1 sensor is mounted at least 5 ft off of the ground.
  4. Confirm the display is showing 4 full bars of signal strength. 


A -40°/158° outdoor temperature reading or a 1%/99% outdoor humidity reading is an error code reported from the outdoor sensor and is typically caused by corrosion. Please follow the steps below to correct. 

  1. Open your 5-in-1 outdoor sensor by removing the (4) four screws from the bottom. The screws toward the center of the sensor are for Rain Gauge calibration only. Do not adjust these screws.
  2. After your sensor has been opened, remove any insects, cobwebs, or debris. An old toothbrush can help to clean out the hard-to-reach places.
  3. Use a damp cloth to clean off the rain gauge tipping buckets. Note: The damp cloth should only be used to clean the tipping buckets. Do not use to clean any other internal components.
  4. Once separated, open the black cover in the bottom half, locate the black/red wires that are connected to a skinny green or black board-this is the temperature and humidity board.
  5. Remove this board from the slot and check for any damage or corrosion. Corrosion can cause a -40° or 158° outdoor temperature reading and/or 99% outdoor humidity.

If no damage or corrosion is found, reassemble the sensor and perform a hard reset with the display unit. 

5-in-1 Reset 

5-in-1 High Definition Reset


If the outdoor data remains at a -40° or 158° outdoor temperature reading or a 99% outdoor humidity,  a replacement Temperature and Humidity Board Model 11197 is suggested. Confirm your sensor's compatibility by reviewing The Compatibility Article

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