5-in-1 Inaccurate Wind Readings


If you are experiencing inaccurate wind speed readings, please review the suggestions below. These steps can also be used if your 5-in-1 sensor is reporting no wind speed readings at all.


  1. What is wind reading being compared to? Pro weather stations are typically mounted at 33-feet or higher. Make sure to compare data using a sensor positioned at the same mounting height.
  2. Check the location of the sensor. Ensure it’s mounted a minimum of 5-feet in the air with no obstructions around it (within several feet). The National Weather Service recommends mounting the sensor 33 feet above the ground with no obstructions within 100 feet for the most accurate wind speeds. We understand not all of our customers can mount this high. You will receive an accurate reading for the location your sensor is mounted including all surroundings. If you are comparing to a local news station, they are following the National Weather Service guidelines.Wind_.jpg
  3. Ensure wind cups are spinning freely. If they hesitate or stop, try lubricating with graphite powder or spray lubricant. 

1. Remove the screw located below the sensor’s wind cups. Keep the screw for step 4.
2. Spray a small amount of lubricant into the hole. (WD-40 or graphite powder)
3. Tip the 5-in-1 Sensor upside down (so wind cups are on the bottom), then right side up several times.
4. Reinsert the screw (removed during step 1) into the hole. 



If the 5-in-1 sensor is not reporting any wind speed, please perform a hard reset. 

5-in-1 Reset

5-in-1 High Definition Reset


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