"Data Logger Full" Message on Display


If your PC Connect display shows a message on the Weather Ticker that states "DATA LOGGER FULL...CONNECT TO PC TO TRANSFER" or something similar, this means that the display unit has logged approximately 12 days of data at 12-minute intervals and it will begin writing over the oldest data.


  • If you are not using the PC Connect feature of this display or you do not wish to save this logged data to your computer at this time, you may ignore this message.
    If you have a PC Connect display unit that features USB Modes, you can switch to Mode #2 so that the display stops logging data, and this message will no longer appear. Switching to Mode #2 will stop the display from logging data and disable the ability to stream data online to My AcuRite and Weather Underground through the PC Connect software. 

  • If you want to save this data to your computer in a CSV file format, please use the steps in the following links to set up the PC Connect software and transfer data.

    Download and Install PC Connect
    Connect Indoor Display
    Set up Data Transfers