AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) Inaccurate Wind Direction


If your AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) High Definition Display or My AcuRite® account is displaying the incorrect wind direction, please review the suggestions below.


First, please ensure that the sensor is mounted in the correct orientation. If you are located in the Northern Hemisphere, the center solar panel should be facing South to receive optimal sunlight. 

NOTE: If you are located in the Southern Hemisphere, please refer to the following article instead.

Using the AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) Weather Station in the Southern Hemisphere


We have also determined that the wind direction can read inaccurately if the connection between the rain bucket and the base of the sensor is loose or disconnected. Open your AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) sensor by detaching the rain bucket (black portion) from the bottom half of the sensor, as shown below. Please check that these connectors are secure. 



If you have confirmed that your sensor is mounted correctly and the rain bucket connectors are secure, the wind direction calibration button could have accidentally been bumped during battery installation or other maintenance and will need to be reprogrammed. The following steps can be used to manually reprogram the wind direction.


Correcting The Wind Direction

Perform the following steps to adjust the wind vane orientation:

  1. In the battery compartment of the outdoor device, locate the calibration button. Press and hold the calibration button until the red LED begins flashing rapidly.
  2. Point the small end of the wind vane to the north. You may need a compass to find the proper north orientation. 
  3. While holding the vane facing North, press and hold the calibration button in the battery compartment again until the LED stops flashing rapidly. Wind direction information will now use the new orientation.

               mceclip1.png                                                 mceclip2.png


If the wind vane is no longer spinning freely:

Ensure wind cups and vane are spinning freely. If they hesitate or stop, try lubricating with graphite powder or spray lubricant. 
To lubricate:

    1. Remove the wind vane and cups if possible. If not, you may apply lubricant to the spindle from underneath the vane and cups.
    2. Apply the desired lubricant to the points on the wind assembly shown in the image below:
    3. Reinstall wind cups and vane, if removed.

      : The spindle and wind vane can only be reinstalled in one direction. Both the spindle and the hole in the vane are circular-shaped with one flat side. Make sure to line up the flat sides when reinstalling the wind vane. 

      If either the wind cups or vane no longer spin freely even after lubrication, we recommend replacing the wind assembly found in the link below.
      AcuRite Atlas Wind Assembly Replacement Part