AcuRite Iris® (5-in-1) Direct to Wi-Fi Weather Station Calibration


The indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity readings, as well as the Barometric Pressure, can be calibrated on the display to improve accuracy. Calibration improves accuracy when sensor/display placement or environmental factors impact your data accuracy. 


Calibration Instructions for Model #01544M/#06100M, #01527M/#06101M, and #01547M/#06103M:

  1. Press AND HOLD the “▲“, “▼“, andgear.PNG or 01527_Set_Button.PNG buttons all at the same time for 5- 10 seconds. Note: all display data is hidden except for the value being calibrated.calibration.PNG (calibrate) will appear next to the value being calibrated.
  2. Press the “▲“ or “▼“ buttons to calibrate the data value higher or lower from the actual reading.
  3.  Press thegear.PNG or 01527_Set_Button.PNG button to confirm the calibration adjustment. Note: Themceclip0.png icon remains illuminated next to calibrated values.

 The preference set order is as follows:

BAROMETRIC PRESSURE (must be set to MANUAL mode to calibrate)*

*To change from AUTO to MANUAL pressure mode and vice versa, press AND HOLD the gear.PNG or 01527_Set_Button.PNG button for at least 10 seconds. The display indicates the current pressure mode selected “AUTO” or “MANUAL”.



  • Calibrations applied only affect the readings on the indoor display and do not transfer online to My AcuRite® or WUnderground.
  • Pressing and holding only the “▲“ and “▼“ buttons for 10 seconds will turn the display's Wi-Fi feature on or off.