AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) Temperature Reading Too High


The sensor’s aspirating fan helps internal airflow to ensure accurate ambient temperature readings while the sun is shining on the sensor. If the outdoor temperature readings are reporting too high, especially on hot or sunny days, the internal aspirating fan may not be functioning properly.  

When the fan is spinning, you will hear a humming noise. The following troubleshooting steps can be used if you can hear the aspirating fan making a clicking sound or if the fan is loud when you are at least 10ft away from the sensor. 


To access the AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) aspirating fan:

  1. Remove the batteries from the AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) sensor.
  2. On the bottom of the AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) sensor, there is a vent cover that is held in place by 2 tabs. Remove the vent.
  3. Under the vent, there is a cylinder that is clipped in with 2 tabs. This is the temperature and humidity sensor. Remove the temperature and humidity sensor to expose the fan.
  4. Verify the internal aspirating fan is running by visually inspecting the fan. Check the fan for debris, such as insects or spider webs. If the fan is blocked by debris, most obstructions can be cleared with a gentle puff of air. For a full video on cleaning the Atlas sensor, please see below.
  5. If no debris is blocking the fan, position the solar panels in direct sunlight. The fan should power on immediately without any assistance (such as a nudge). Note: Artificial light, such as flashlights, cannot be used as a substitute for actual sunlight. Also, overcast days may not be sunny enough to power on the fan.
  6. Install the temperature and humidity board over the fan assembly, confirm the tabs do not block the fan from spinning, as they can stop the fan from spinning if not installed properly.


Here is a helpful video for cleaning the Atlas sensor:


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