AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) Inaccurate UV or Light Intensity


If your AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) High Definition Display or My AcuRite® account are reporting low or inaccurate UV or light intensity readings from your AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) Weather Station, please review the suggestions below. These steps can also be used if your AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) Weather Station is not reporting any UV or light intensity readings.

Check the sensor for debris. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any buildup on the UV and light sensor. Below is a photo of the location for the UV and light sensor. 



Confirm the sensor is not located in a fully shaded area. The UV and light intensity readings may be lower on a cloudy day or if an obstruction is blocking the sunlight from directly shining on the sensor. 

Confirm the red light near the AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) sensor's battery compartment flashes every 10 seconds and the AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) display unit maintains 4 bars of signal strength. (Wireless Signal Strength Indicator)

If monitoring from the My AcuRite® Dashboard, confirm the sensor is online and updating (How do I Check the Last Time a Sensor Updated?)


The UV and Light Intensity Ranges are as follows:


Light intensity

  • Dark/Night – 0-500 lux
  • Low Light – 501 – 5,380 lux
  • Overcast/Shade – 5,381 – 21,520 lux
  • Daylight – 21,521 – 43,050 lux
  • Direct Sun – 43,051 lux or greater


UV Index

  • Low  0 – 2
  • Moderate 3-5
  • High 6-7
  • Very High 8-10
  • Extreme 11+


Below is a link to review the UV Index in your area. (This is a prediction reading)


If you are still experiencing concerns, please contact our U.S. based support staff by Submitting a Request or by chatting with our Live Agents. If you already have an open ticket with a support agent, please reply to the last email sent.