AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) Inaccurate UV or Light Intensity


If your AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) High Definition Display or My AcuRite® account are reporting low or inaccurate UV or light intensity readings from your AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) Weather Station, please review the suggestions below. These steps can also be used if your AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) Weather Station is not reporting any UV or light intensity readings.

Check the sensor for debris. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any buildup on the UV and light sensor. Below is a photo of the location of the UV and light sensor. 



Confirm the sensor is not located in a fully shaded area. The UV and light intensity readings may be lower on a cloudy day or if an obstruction is blocking the sunlight from directly shining on the sensor. 

Confirm the red light near the AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) sensor's battery compartment flashes every 10 seconds and the AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) display unit maintains 4 bars of signal strength. (Wireless Signal Strength Indicator)

If monitoring from the My AcuRite® Dashboard, confirm the sensor is online and updating (How do I Check the Last Time a Sensor Updated?)



  • Disconnect the Rain Bucket Connectors
    1. Open your AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) sensor by detaching the rain bucket (black portion) from the bottom half of the sensor, as shown below.
    2. Unplug the connectors between the rain bucket and the base of the sensor for 1-2 minutes.
    3. Reconnect the connectors. When re-connecting the plug, you should feel/hear a snap when the connection is 100%.
    4. Reassemble the AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) sensor by reattaching the rain bucket to the bottom half of the sensor.


The UV and Light Intensity Ranges are as follows:


Light intensity

  • Dark/Night – 0-500 lux
  • Low Light – 501 – 5,380 lux
  • Overcast/Shade – 5,381 – 21,520 lux
  • Daylight – 21,521 – 43,050 lux
  • Direct Sun – 43,051 lux or greater


UV Index

  • Low  0 – 2
  • Moderate 3-5
  • High 6-7
  • Very High 8-10
  • Extreme 11+


Below is a link to review the UV Index in your area. (This is a prediction reading)


If you are still experiencing concerns, please contact our U.S. based support staff by Submitting a Request or by chatting with our Live Agents. If you already have an open ticket with a support agent, please reply to the last email sent.