Amazon Alexa Setup


Our technical engineers at AcuRite have developed a skill for Amazon Echo that will make it even easier for you to interact with My AcuRite® and the environmental monitoring data your devices are reporting.


To enable the My AcuRite® skill:

  1. Open the "Amazon Alexa" app on your compatible mobile device.
  2. Select "More".
  3. Select "Skills & Games".
  4. Tap the Magnifying Glass icon to open the search bar.
  5. In the search bar, enter "My AcuRite" and select search.
  6. Tap the My AcuRite skill found in search results.
  7. Tap "LAUNCH".
  8. It will prompt you to log in to your My AcuRite® account. Once you log in, it will revert back to the previous screen. 
  9. SUCCESS! The My AcuRite Skill for Amazon Alexa is now enabled.


The My AcuRite® action allows you to get current readings and alerts from all of the devices you have connected to My AcuRite®.


Just ask Alexa:

"Ask My AcuRite® the outside _____"

• Temperature

• Humidity

• Wind

• Rain / Rainfall

• UV / UV Index


"Ask My AcuRite® the inside _____"

• Temperature

• Humidity


"Ask My AcuRite® the _____"

• Heat Index

• Wind Chill

• Feels Like

• Dew Point

• Barometric Pressure


"Ask My AcuRite® _____"

• For my alerts / If I have any alerts / If I have any active alerts

• Lightning / if there is lightning / the lightning / for last lightning strike / for closest lightning strike


If you have multiple devices on your My AcuRite account, simply say, "Alexa, ask My AcuRite to list my devices," and Alexa will report conditions on your first device and then ask if you want to hear another device. Alexa will report conditions from up to seven (7) devices connected to My AcuRite.


NOTE: My AcuRite's Amazon Alexa compatibility is only supported within the US and Canada. This feature may not be available in other countries.