UV, Light Intensity, and Measured Light Charts



The UV, Light Intensity, and Measured Light Charts display the details of the measurements and changes over time.

The details of the chart data displayed are provided below, along with an example of the chart. 


Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is defined as that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between X-rays and visible light.

This is measured by intensity from 0-16.

1. Low 0 – 2
2. Moderate 3-5
3. High 6-7
4. Very High 8-10
5. Extreme 11+


Light Intensity 

Light intensity refers to the strength or amount of light produced by the sun. 

This is measured by Lux.

1. Dark/Night – 0-500 lux
2. Low Light – 501 – 5,380 lux
3. Overcast/Shade – 5,381 – 21,520 lux
4. Daylight – 21,521 – 43,050 lux
5. Direct Sun – 43,051 lux or greater

Measured Light total refers to the amount of consistent light from the sun measured by time.


Example charts from MyAcuRite.com:


Example charts from the My AcuRite® app: