Why are the Pressure Measurements Different in My AcuRite® Compared to my Indoor Display?


The AcuRite Weather Stations and My AcuRite® use different methods to adjust the barometric pressure for altitude. These methods may result in small differences in pressure readings.


Weather Station barometric pressure measurement method

  • Weather Stations use a unique algorithm to analyze changes in pressure over a time period, referred to as its Learning Mode, to determine the altitude. A Weather Station displays the barometric pressure reading that has been adjusted by this algorithm.



My AcuRite® AcuRite Access® and Direct to Wi-Fi Display barometric pressure measurement method

  • My AcuRite® uses the geo-location of the address or Postal Code set in the profile of an AcuRite Access® or Direct to Wi-Fi Display in your My AcuRite® account. The barometric pressure altitude is adjusted to the address or Postal Code location. This method does not require a Learning Mode. 

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My AcuRite® PC Connect barometric pressure measurement method

  • By default, PC Connect transmits Station Pressure, the exact pressure measurement taken by the PC Connect display’s internal barometer, which does not include any adjustment for altitude. If the pressure is manually adjusted in the PC Connect software, these pressure adjustments are shared with My AcuRite®, Weather Underground, and the Data Transfer CSV files. This method does not require a Learning Mode.