No Network Connection (Red Flashing Light)


When the light located on the front of the AcuRite Access® is flashing red, the AcuRite Access® cannot establish a network (Internet) connection.

NOTE: When working normally, the AcuRite Access® front light will remain solid blue. 


Possible solutions

  • Make sure the Ethernet cable is firmly connected. The cable may be defective and need to be replaced.
  • Check your network router settings. Please make sure that
    • DHCP is enabled on your router. Most routers have DHCP enabled by default.
    • MAC Address filtering is disabled. If MAC address filtering security has been enabled, your router may be ignoring the outbound communication from the AcuRite Access®. Review the network router manual or contact the manufacturer for more information.
      NOTE: The AcuRite Access® Device ID is its MAC address.
    • It needs a Dynamic IP address; it will NOT work with Static IP.
    • TCP Port 80 is open.
    • Priorities are turned off.
  • The Ethernet port on your router may be malfunctioning. Try connecting the cable to a different port.


*If you are setting up the AcuRite Access® at a business, you may need to contact your IT department to allow the device through any firewalls. 


If you are still experiencing concerns, please contact our U.S. based support staff by Submitting a Request or by chatting with our Live Agents. If you already have an open ticket with a support agent, please reply to the last email sent.