My AcuRite Access does not have a Network (Internet) Connection


When the light located on the front of the AcuRite Access is flashing red, the AcuRite Access cannot establish a network (Internet) connection.


When working normally, the AcuRite Access front light will remain solid blue. 

Possible solutions

Make sure the Ethernet cable is firmly connected. The cable may be defective and need to be replaced.

Make sure DHCP is enabled on your router. Most routers have DHCP enabled by default.

Check your network router settings. If MAC address filtering security has been enabled, your router may be ignoring the outbound communication from the AcuRite Access. Review the network router manual or contact the manufacturer for more information. NOTE: The AcuRite Access Device ID is its MAC address.

The Ethernet port on your router may be malfunctioning. Try connecting the cable to a different port.

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