My AcuRite® is Displaying Wildly Inaccurate Sensor Readings (data)


Possible Solutions


AcuRite Access®

  1. If a local display is available, verify the sensor is transmitting correctly.

  2. Remove power from the AcuRite Access® for two (2) minutes and power it back on.

  3. Verify that you have not connected to the incorrect sensor.

    -Make sure any old sensors that you no longer wish to monitor have batteries removed.

    -If a nearby neighbor also has any AcuRite sensors, you may be connected to their sensor(s). If you see any other sensors under Available Sensors, try adding them to your dashboard as this may be your sensor.

  4. Ensure that if you entered calibrations into the My AcuRite® software when adding the sensor, that they were entered correctly. The amount entered into the software is the amount that it will adjust the reading by. If you enter "-10" it will show the reading as 10 degrees less than what the sensor is actually reading. 


PC Connect users

  • Contact Support for further assistance.