Set Barometric Pressure Adjustment


By default, PC Connect transmits Station Pressure, the exact pressure measurement taken by the Indoor Display's internal barometer, which does not include any adjustment for altitude. If the pressure is manually adjusted in the PC Connect software, these pressure adjustments are shared with My AcuRite®, Weather Underground, and the Data Transfer CSV files.

If you don’t know your current Adjusted Pressure, as long as your Weather Station display has completed the learning mode, you can enter in the PC Connect software the same adjusted reading as shown on your Weather Station display.


How to set a barometric pressure adjustment

  1. From the Preferences section, select Calibrate Readings (+/-).

  2. From the Barometric Pressure setting, set a pressure adjustment in inches. Pressure can be adjusted up to ±10 inHg (338.6 hpa).

  3. Select the checkbox Calibrate Pressure.

  4. Select DONE to save your changes.