Export Reading Data (download) from My AcuRite


My AcuRite stores the last 31 days of reading history for each sensor. If you want to save historical readings, you can export (download) the readings from the last 31 days from your My AcuRite account.

If you need to access your historical readings for more than the last 31 days, be sure to export your readings monthly.



MyAcuRite.com: How to export (download) your sensor readings

  1. From the top menu, select Charts & Details.

  2. From the chart that contains the readings, you want to export, select ic_cloud_download_black_24dp_1x.png.

  3. Select a Start Date and End Date. The last 31 days of readings can be exported.

  4. Select the Contact(s) to be notified when the export file is available to be downloaded.

  5. Select Save.

My AcuRite prepares the export file and sends an email to the contacts selected with a link to download the export file.

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