Change Your Email Address


Your My AcuRite® account is unique to you based on your email address. Your email address is required to log in to or the My AcuRite® app.


NOTE: We periodically send important My AcuRite® system announcements to your account email address. Be sure to add the following My AcuRite® email addresses to your email program's safe sender list


My AcuRite app: How to change your email address

  1. From the tab/navigation bar, tap ic_settings_black_24px.svg Settings.

  2. Select Account Profile.

  3. Select Edit Profile.

  4. Update your Email address.

  5. Select Save. How to change your email address

  1. From the menu, select Settings > Account Profile.

  2. Select Edit.

  3. Update your email address.

  4. To update, select Save.


The next time you log in, be sure to enter your updated email address. You may also want to update your Alert Contact email address.