View and Edit Custom and System Alerts


All of your Alerts, including the Custom Alerts you have created and the System Alerts, can be viewed.

  • You can view, edit, and remove your Custom Alerts.

  • You can only edit how notifications are sent for System Alerts. System Alerts monitor your AcuRite devices, which are the heart of the My AcuRite monitoring solution, therefore they cannot be removed.

AcuRite app: How to view your alerts

  1. From the tab/navigation bar, select ic_settings_black_24px.svg (Settings menu).

  2. Select Manage Alerts.

    To view or edit the Alert settings, select the name of the Alert.

    Type of Alert - displays the alert type.

    Name - the name of the sensor the alert applies to - commonly the sensor is located in the condition you want to be alerted for.

    Conditions - when the conditions are reached, an alert is activated. The conditions vary by the alert type selected.

    Delivering alert to - the alert contacts that receive a notification when an alert is activated.

    Push Notifications - indicates if set to ON or OFF. How to view your alerts

  • From the menu, select Settings > Alert Rules.

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