View the Status of a Sensor


You can view the current status of an AcuRite sensor including its battery, wireless signal strength, and the date and time of the last reading that was sent to My AcuRite®. Viewing the status of the sensor is helpful when you are looking into an issue.


Status Color

The status color indicator next to the name of the sensor is a quick way to determine its current status.

Green - everything is operating as expected.

Yellow - a condition may need your attention soon and should be looked into.

Red - a condition does need your attention now. Offline indicates the reading from the sensor has not been received for more than two (2) hours and a Loss of Signal alert has been activated.




How to view the status of a sensor

  • From your Dashboard, in either the app or on, select the status bar indicator located to the left of the sensor name. The status window is displayed.


Status definitions

Device Name - the name of the sensor.

Device Type - the type of sensor.

Signal Strength - the radio frequency strength between the sensor and its linked AcuRite Access®, PC Connect Display, or Wi-Fi Display.

  • No Signal - a sensor reading has not been received for more than 60 seconds.
      • The cause of this alert is commonly due to the sensor not having battery power or its readings cannot be sent to My AcuRite®.
          • For use with The AcuRite Access® or Wi-Fi Display - verify the sensor is within wireless range of the device and the device has a network (Internet) connection.
          • For use with a PC Connect Display - verify the connection between the Indoor Display and your computer is detected, power is applied to the Indoor Display, the PC Connect software is open, and your computer has an Internet connection.
  • Poor or Weak - there is an increased risk of a loss of communication between the sensor and its Connection Device. It's recommended to verify the placement of the sensor also verify the Connection Device is at least 3ft from other electronics including the router or computer.
  • Strong or Excellent - communication between the sensor and its Connection Device is operating as expected and no interference is detected.

Battery Strength - the last reported battery level of the sensor.

  • Good - battery life remaining is greater than 25 percent.

  • Low - less than 25 percent battery life left. It’s a good idea to replace the batteries soon. During this status, the status indicator color is yellow.

  • Not available - the battery level is not available. The sensor may have no battery power or the sensor is not in wireless range of its Connection Device. During this status, the status indicator color is red.

Last Update - the date and time its last reading and status was sent to My AcuRite®.

Status - a summary of any conditions that resulted in its current status.