My AcuRite® is designed to provide you easy-to-understand, comprehensive data about the crucial elements of your environment. If you are logging in to My AcuRite® from a web browser, learn how to get around and quickly access what you need.


Supported web browsers

For the best experience, access My AcuRite® from one of the following supported web browsers. Best viewed in a screen resolution of 1280 x 860 or higher.

Google Chrome™, version 44.x and higher

Mozilla Firefox®, version 40.0 and higher

Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, version 10 and higher

Microsoft Edge, version 12 and higher

Apple® Safari®, version 8 and higher





ic_dashboard_black_24px.svg Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overall view of your current environment and weather conditions. The information displayed on your Dashboard includes the current readings of your AcuRite sensors and the current weather conditions and forecast at the location of your Connection Device.

Each AcuRite Access®, PC Connect Display, or Direct to Wi-Fi Display (Connection Device) is displayed as a tab on your Dashboard. If you are following a My AcuRite® account, the Connection Device you are following is also displayed as a tab on your Dashboard.



ic_insert_chart_black_24px.svg Charts & Details

Intuitive presentation of data. Recognize trends, and pinpoint times of day when conditions require your attention and export (download) your sensor reading data in a convenient spreadsheet form.

Charts are good for showing changes in the value of your sensor readings over a series of points in time, such as a week to week. You can easily control the information displayed in a chart - compare different values of data, adjust time frames, see how conditions affect each other.

My AcuRite® stores the last 31 days of reading history for each sensor. If you want to save historical readings, you can export (download) the readings from the last 31 days from your My AcuRite® account.

If you need to access your historical readings for more than the last 31 days, be sure to export your readings monthly.



ic_notifications_black_24px.svg Alerts

Receive an email, text message, or push alert when environmental conditions change and need your attention.

My AcuRite® continuously monitors your AcuRite devices and sensor readings. When a condition set in an Alert has been reached, an alert notification is automatically activated.

The Alerts menu lists all of your active alert notifications generated by your Custom Alerts and the System Alerts. If you set up your Alerts to send notifications, you are also sent a notification when an alert is activated.

If you no longer want an active alert notification to be displayed on your Alerts menu, you can dismiss a single notification, a group of notifications, or all notifications.



ic_settings_black_24px.svg Settings

From the settings menu, you can manage your account profile, AcuRite devices, alerts, and sharing profiles.

Account Profile: Manage your account profile settings - including your email address, password, and address. Additionally, you can set your account to be deleted.

Devices: Manage your AcuRite devices and their settings, including adding an AcuRite Access®, PC Connect Display, or Direct to Wi-Fi Display to your account, linking your AcuRite sensors to a Connection Device, setting your forecast location, how reading units are displayed in your account, customizing the elevation of the Connection Device, and updating the time zone of a Connection Device.

Alert Contacts: Manage your contacts that receive alerts from your account. Contacts can include email addresses and phone numbers that can receive text messages. Push Notifications can be enabled in the My AcuRite app.

Alert Rules: Manage when and how you are notified when a condition you are monitoring changes or when an AcuRite device may need your attention. You create Custom Alerts to monitor the conditions at the location of your AcuRite sensors. System Alerts monitor the status of your AcuRite devices. When a condition set in an alert is reached, an alert notification is activated.

Share Weather: You can share your sensor readings with Weather Underground and with your friends and family that have a My AcuRite® account. Additionally, you can follow other My AcuRite® accounts.

Theme Options: My AcuRite® offers two theme options - Dark or Light. The Light theme displays a light gray background with dark gray text, and the Dark theme displays a dark black background with white text. You may choose to use the Light theme if you have a difficult time distinguishing the icons or text on a dark background or because you just prefer a lighter color scheme.

Help: Learn more about My AcuRite® - it's easy to search for what you need or navigate through the topics to find the answers to your questions.