How it Works


My AcuRite is a cloud-based software solution that collects weather and environment data from select AcuRite sensors. An AcuRite Access reports your AcuRite sensor data over the Internet, to allow you to remotely monitor your indoor and/or outdoor environmental conditions from My AcuRite.

From My AcuRite, you can monitor your conditions and receive alerts when conditions may need your attention. You can view and monitor your conditions online at any time from the My AcuRite app on your smartphone or tablet or from on your laptop or desktop computer.

My AcuRite connects people with their weather and environment information – helping them better understand their surrounding environment and use this information to make better decisions every day.

How can you get started?

Step 1: Plug in your AcuRite Access and install batteries into your compatible AcuRite sensors or connect your PC Connect Display to the computer with the PC Connect software running.

Step 2: Create a My AcuRite account. Go to or download the AcuRite app from the App Store or Google Play.

When you create your account, you are guided through a few simple steps to set up your account - including adding the 12-character Device ID of your AcuRite Access or PC Connect Display and linking your AcuRite sensors. Once linked, the sensor readings are sent to your account over your Access network (Internet) connection or your computer's network connection when using the PC Connect software with 5-in-1 Weather Stations.

Once set up, you can view and monitor your conditions online at any time from the AcuRite app or from on your laptop or desktop computer.


Be sure to add the My AcuRite email addresses to your email program's safe sender list - and


When you are ready, explore the additional My AcuRite features

Monitor your conditions from the Dashboard, Alerts, and Charts & Details. The Dashboard displays the most recent sensor readings and the current weather conditions and forecast at your location.

The Alerts menu ic_notifications_black_24px.svg displays your alert notifications generated by your Custom Alerts and the System Alerts. If you want to be notified when a condition changes, be sure to create Custom Alerts. An Alert can be set for many conditions like rainfall, high wind speed, high or low temperatures or humidity conditions, and more.

Charts ic_insert_chart_black_24px.svg are good for showing changes in the value of your readings over a series of points in time, such as a week to week. You can also export your sensor readings from Charts & Details.

From the Settings menu ic_settings_black_24px.svg, manage your Account settings, Devices, Alert Contacts, Alert Rules, share your weather with friends and family or Weather Underground, and set your account to view in a Light or Dark Theme.

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