Inaccurate Geo Zone Forecasting


If your GEO Zone forecast is inaccurate: 

The GEO Zone Weather Forecast icon predicts conditions for the future, not current conditions.

  1. Make sure your GEO zone region is correct, see the image below. If you live close to a region border, try testing both regions to see which generates the most appropriate forecast for your location.
  2. Make sure time, date, Geo Zone, temperature, humidity, and pressure are accurate - they are all part of the Precision Forecasting algorithm.
  3. If the forecast still reads inaccurately after all other troubleshooting steps, press and release the Reset button (located inside the battery compartment).
  4. Press the Geo Zone button to toggle through each of the regions (ABCDEFG) and back around to your correct region setting.

   Note: It may take up to 14 days for the pressure to calibrate to your location.

AcuRite Micro Forecasting Geo Zone Map


If your unit continues to read inaccurately, please consider if you may live in a microclimate. Some examples of a microclimate are being “cooler by the lake”, in a deep shaded valley, close to the ocean or lake, on the side or top of a mountain, or in places that have daily winds that might switch directions from day to night. If you live in such a unique climate, the changes in temperature and pressure can cause the forecast to read incorrectly. This only affects a small number of our users.


GEO Zone Forecasting is featured on the following models:
#02035, #02036WB/#02037W, #02005, #02007/#06035RM, and #02010/#02014/#02015.