Select Degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius


Most units can be adjusted to show temperature readings in either Fahrenheit (ºF) or Celsius (ºC). If your unit does not feature a ºC/ºF button/switch or SET MODE, it may not have the ability to switch between Fahrenheit (ºF) or Celsius (ºC).


To select between degrees Fahrenheit (ºF) or Celsius (ºC) temperature units, press the ºC/ºF button or adjust the ºC/ºF switch located on the back of the display or inside the battery compartment. Depending on the unit, the ºC/ºF button may be on the front of the display.


If your unit does not have a ºC/ºF button or switch, you can switch between Fahrenheit (ºF) or Celsius (ºC) units in the SET MODE. 

  1. To access the SET MODE, press and hold the "gear" or "SET" button for 10 seconds.
  2. Press and release the "gear" or "SET" button until ºC or ºF is flashing next to the temperature reading. 
  3. Use the "UP" or "DOWN" arrow buttons or "+" or "-" buttons to adjust the currently flashing setting until the desired units are displayed.
  4. Press and release the "gear" or "SET" button to confirm this setting.
  5. If no buttons are pressed for 5-10 seconds, the unit will exit SET MODE. To access the SET MODE at any time, press and hold the "gear" or "SET" button for 10 seconds.


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