What is my SAME or FIPS Code


All AcuRite Weather Alert Radios are equipped with SAME technology. In order to receive SAME alerts, you must program your area's SAME code into the radio.

United States:

  1. SAME codes are available by telephone at 1-888-NWR-SAME (1-888-697-7263) and online: United States and Territories SAME Code Table


  1. Environment Canada's Meteorological Service has developed its own unique six-digit Canadian Location Code (CLC) utilizing SAME technology to identify region-specific weather forecasts and warnings.

What is my channel frequency?

  1. Using the SAME / FIPS Code links above, be sure the Channel selected on your unit is the recommended channel for your location. Frequencies for each channel:

Channel 1 – 162.400
Channel 2 – 162.425
Channel 3 – 162.450
Channel 4 – 162.475
Channel 5 – 162.500
Channel 6 – 162.525
Channel 7 – 162.550