AcuRite Access™


An AcuRite Access™ is a stand-alone Connection Device that sends readings from AcuRite™ sensors to My AcuRite™ over your network (Internet) connection.

  • The AcuRite Access™ Connection Device connects to your internet router via Ethernet cable, then wirelessly receives data from your AcuRite™ sensors to stream online. 

  • The AcuRite Access™ is associated with your My AcuRite™ account by its unique 12-character Device ID (MAC Address) located on the bottom of the AcuRite Access™.

  • Once you add the Connection Device to your account, you then link your AcuRite™ sensors to the Connection Device in your My AcuRite™ account.

  • The Dashboard displays a tab for each Connection Device, which displays the readings and status of its linked sensors.

  • The Access device supports up to seven (7) compatible AcuRite™ sensors.

  • Protect your data even during a power or internet outage, with backup batteries that allow AcuRite Access to continue receiving and storing up to 12 hours of readings; once power or internet is restored, it will upload these readings to My AcuRite.

  • With a compatible outdoor AcuRite device, you can share your weather information with Weather Underground using Rapid-fire updates.

  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for a hands-free experience
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