AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) Replacing the Temperature and Humidity Sensor


If you received or purchased the AcuRite Atlas® Temperature and Humidity Sensor Replacement model #06097M, please use the steps below to remove/install:


Here is a helpful video for replacing the temperature and humidity sensor. You can follow along with the steps listed below:


  1. Please remove the batteries from the outdoor sensor.
  2. On the bottom of the AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) sensor, there is a vent cover that is held in place by 2 tabs. Remove the vent.
  3. Under the vent, there is a cylinder that is clipped in with 2 tabs. This is the temperature and humidity sensor. Remove the temperature and humidity sensor to expose the fan.
  4. Unplug the white cable connector.
  5. Connect the white cable connectors and install the new temperature and humidity board cylinder over the fan assembly, confirm the tabs do not block the fan from spinning.
  6. Reinstall the vent.
  7. Reinstall the batteries in the AcuRite Atlas® (7-in-1) sensor.  Confirm the red light near the battery compartment door flashes every 10 seconds.