AcuRite Iris™ (5-in-1) Direct to Wi-Fi 5-in-1 Weather Station Calibration


The indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity readings, as well as the Barometric Pressure, can be calibrated on the display to improve accuracy. Calibration improves accuracy when 5-in-1 sensor placement or environmental factors impact your data accuracy. 


Calibration Instructions for Model #01544M/#06100M:

  1. Press AND HOLD the “▲“, “▼“, andgear.PNG buttons all at the same time for 5- 10 seconds. Note: all display data is hidden except for the value being calibrated.calibration.PNG (calibrate) will appear next to the value being calibrated.
  2. Press the “▲“ or “▼“ buttons to calibrate the data value higher or lower from the actual reading.
  3.  Press thegear.PNG button to confirm the calibration adjustment. Note: Themceclip0.png icon remains illuminated next to calibrated values.

 The preference set order is as follows:

BAROMETRIC PRESSURE (must be set to MANUAL mode to calibrate)*

*To change from AUTO to MANUAL pressure mode and vice versa, press AND
HOLD the “gear.PNG” button for at least 10 seconds. The display indicates the current
pressure mode selected “AUTO” or “MANUAL”.



  • Calibrations applied only affect the readings on the indoor display and do not transfer online to My AcuRite® or WUnderground.
  • Pressing only the “▲“ button, the display enters into the rain historical data. From here you can review the Today, 48 hours, 7 days, Month, Days Since Last Rain recorded, All-time, and Year totals. 
  • Pressing only the “▼“ button, you can scroll through the weather select features, Dew Point, Wind Chill, or Heat Index. 
  • Pressing and holding the “▲“ and “▼“ buttons for 10 seconds, you can turn the display's Wi-Fi feature on or off.