Using the Atlas Weather Station in the Southern Hemisphere


The Atlas Weather Station is designed for use in the Northern Hemisphere, however, it can be easily calibrated for use in the Southern Hemisphere. When using the Atlas sensor in the Southern Hemisphere, the sensor will need to be mounted with the solar panels facing north and the wind vane will need to be reprogrammed to read correctly in this orientation.


Mounting The Sensor

For use in the Southern Hemisphere, the Atlas sensor will need to be mounted with the rear solar panel facing north, in order to catch as much sunlight as possible. 


Correcting The Wind Direction

Perform the following steps to adjust the wind vane orientation.

1. In the battery compartment of the outdoor device, locate and press the calibration button. The red LED starts flashing rapidly.
2. Point the small end of the wind vane to the north. You may need a compass to find the proper north orientation. 
3. While holding the vane facing north, press the calibration button in the battery compartment again. The LED will stop flashing rapidly. Wind direction information will now use the new orientation.

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