Amazon Alexa Setup


Our technical engineers at AcuRite have developed a skill for Amazon Echo that will make it even easier for you to interact with My AcuRite and the environmental monitoring data your devices are reporting.


To enable the My AcuRite skill:



Just ask Alexa:

Ask My AcuRite the outside _____

• Temperature

• Humidity

• Wind

• Rain / Rainfall

• UV / UV Index


Ask My AcuRite the inside _____

• Temperature

• Humidity


Ask My AcuRite the _____

• Heat Index

• Wind Chill

• Feels Like

• Dew Point

• Barometric Pressure


Ask My AcuRite

• For my alerts

• If I have any alerts

• If I have any active alerts

• Lightning / if there is lightning / the lightning / for last lightning strike / for closest lightning strike


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