When adding my AcuRite HUB device, I receive an error message - Device must be registered and be reporting data to claim it


This error message occurs when the Device ID entered is not recognized by My AcuRite. To add your AcuRite HUB device, it must have connected to My AcuRite over your network connection and sent a minimum of one (1) sensor reading. This completes the registration requirements, which allows you to add the AcuRite HUB device Device ID your account.

Possible Solutions

  1. If the AcuRite Access was just powered up, allow up to ten (10) minutes for the device to connect and register with My AcuRite.

  2. Verify the AcuRite Access device has a network (Internet) connection.

    • If the Network Status Light, located on the left-side of the device, flashes rapidly in 30 second intervals, this indicates it does not have a network connection.

    • If the device has a network connection and is transmitting sensor readings to My AcuRite, its Network Status Light flashes for one second each time a sensor reading sent to My AcuRite.

  3. Verify one sensor is in wireless range of the AcuRite Access device.

    • If the AcuRite Access Sensor Status Light, right-side blue LED, is flashing rapidly this indicates a sensor is not within wireless range of the AcuRite Access device and no readings are being received by the device. A sensor must be located no more than 330 feet (100 meters) from an AcuRite Access device.

  4. Remove power from the AcuRite Access for two (2) minutes and power it back on.

    • This step establishes a new connection to My AcuRite.

    • It may take up to up to 10 minutes for the device to successfully register with My AcuRite.

  5. After 10 minutes, try to add the AcuRite Access again. Be sure to verify the 12-character Device ID that is located on the bottom side of the device. You are only required to enter the last six digits - the first six digits are automatically populated for you. If ID contains the number 0 (zero), be sure not to enter the letter O.

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