Why Did We Go To Full Online Support?


As much as we love talking to you, we did a better job listening. What we heard was that eliminating long wait times, providing visual troubleshooting and receiving support more quickly was where we had the opportunity to improve the customer experience. Just like the invention of the chocolate chip cookie, we realized the vast improvement of moving to digital support “on accident,” as our phone system was put offline by a frigid Wisconsin winter storm this past season.

Online support helps us keep detailed records about your issue in one place. Nothing is left to interpretation.  This setup also allows us to pass on useful things such as links to help articles, screenshots, and step by step workflows—which you can then refer back to again in the future!

If we ever feel like we can provide better help by having phones again, we'll change back. Our goal is to give as many customers as possible the best experience while maintaining efficiencies.

We understand that some people prefer phone support.  Sometimes you just want to talk to a real person.  However, you can rest assured that we’re actual human beings who love answering your questions. 

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