5-in-1 Temperature Reading Too High


If temperature readings appear inaccurate (too high), verify the internal aspirating fan is running by opening the 5-in-1 sensor and visually inspecting the fan. If the fan is blocked by debris, most obstructions can be cleared with a gentle puff of air.

To open the 5-in-1 sensor, you will need:

Philips-head screwdriver

5-in-1 Outdoor Sensor 


  1. Remove the four outer screws on the bottom of the sensor. Keep the screws for re-assembly.
    1. Note: Be careful not to remove or adjust the rain calibration screws located beneath the rain gauge.
  2. Separate the upper and lower halves of the sensor.
  3. Check the fan for debris, such as insects or spider webs. A gentle puff of air can clear most obstructions safely.                                                                                                      
  4. If no debris appears to be blocking the fan, position the top white portion of the sensor (that has the solar panel) in direct, bright sunlight. The fan should power on immediately without any assistance (such as a nudge). Note: Artificial light, such as flashlights, cannot be used as a substitute for actual sunlight. Also, overcast days may not be sunny enough to power on the fan.
  5. To reassemble the sensor, bring the two halves of the sensor back together.
  6. Reinstall the four outer screws to join the upper and lower portions of the sensor together.
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