No Sensors are Listed in Available Sensors


When there are no sensors listed in Available Sensors, it indicates there are no sensors in wireless range of the PC Connect Display, or the sensor linked to the PC Connect display is listed in My Sensors.

Possible solutions

If the sensor was just powered on or was recently moved to be in wireless range, it can take up to a minute to be available.

If you are using a PC Connect Display, no Available Sensors is commonly caused by one of the following reasons:

  1. Verify the 5-in-1 sensor is in wireless range of the Indoor Display unit. A sensor must be located no more than 330 feet (100 meters) from the PC Connect Display. Check the PC Connect Display to verify it has full bars of signal from the 5-in-1 sensor.
  2. Verify the USB connection between the Indoor Display and your computer is secure.
  3. Verify the PC Connect software is open and Sharing to My AcuRite is set up and enabled. The software must be open to allow sensor readings to be sent to your My AcuRite account.
  4. Verify the 12-character Device ID entered in the PC Connect software is the same as the Device ID printed on the sticker that is located on the back of the Indoor Display.
  5. Verify your computer has an Internet connection.
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