What Sensors are compatible with the AcuRite Access?


The Acurite Access can accept up to 7 sensors.  The following sensors are compatible:

  1. 06059M AcuRite Atlas™ Weather Sensor
  2. 06014RMA1 Pro+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor: Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Wind Speed and Wind Direction.
  3. 06008RM 3-in-1 Weather Sensor with Temperature, Humidity and Wind Speed.
  4. 00592TXR Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
  5. 06044M Room Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
  6. 00276RM Room Monitor.
  7. 00275RM Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor.
  8. 06010RM Add-on Water Detector (requires a room monitor).
  9. 06011RM Add-on Liquid and Soil Temperature Sensor (requires a room monitor).
  10. 06012RM Add-on Spot Check Temperature and Humidity Sensor (requires a room monitor).
  11. 06034RM Wireless Rain Gauge Collector.
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