Can't Register Device


If you are getting an error message on My AcuRite that states "Device must be connected and reporting data to claim it. Please make sure the device is connected to your router and the status lights are blinking.":

If using an AcuRite Access:

  1. Verify you’ve entered the Device ID correctly, as certain letters and numbers are easy to mix up.
    1. “0” is always a zero, and never the letter.
    2. Look carefully to differentiate “3”, “B”, and “8”. If you’re not sure, try the alternatives.
    3. Look carefully to differentiate “D” and “0”. If you’re not sure, try the other.
  2. Verify you have a My AcuRite compatible sensor in range with batteries in it. Access will start to communicate with the My AcuRite servers once it has detected a compatible sensor.
  3.  Remove the batteries from the Access.
  4. Unplug the unit. 
  5. Wait 20 seconds.
  6. Power the unit back up by plugging the AC adapter back in.
  7. Wait up to 10 minutes for the information to come back online. 



If using PC Connect:

The PC Connect display must be plugged into your computer via USB and configured in the PC Connect software. After entering your Device ID and selecting Share Now, it attempts to connect to your network to activate its Device ID with My AcuRite. Once the My AcuRite Sharing status says Data Sending, it has successfully connected to the My AcuRite server.


Possible solutions

  1. Allow up to ten minutes for the PC Connect Device ID to be activated with My AcuRite.
  2. Make sure the Device ID was entered correctly. Verify the 12-character Device ID located on the back of the PC Connect display. Note that some displays may show a MAC Address on the sticker; use this as the Device ID.
  3. Verify the computer the display is connected to has a network (Internet) connection.
  4. Verify the My AcuRite Sharing status says Data Sending.
      1. For older Indoor Display models (01025, 01035, 1036, 01525, 02032): Verify the USB MODE or PC CONNECT MODE is set to MODE 3. See your PC Connect display manual for instructions on how to set the USB mode.
      2. Unplug the USB that connects the PC Connect display to the computer, wait ten seconds and then plug back in.
      3. Try a different USB port on your computer.




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