Weather Underground Set Up with PC Connect


To set up sharing to Weather Underground using the AcuRite PC Connect software.

  1. Go to, create an account and register your station to create a station ID.
  2. You will already want to have PC Connect installed on your computer and set up to send the information to MyAcuRite. When that is set up perform the following to share to Weather Underground.
    1. On the Acurite PC Connect software you will see below weather sharing>My AcuRite there is a section labeled Weather Underground.
    2. In that section you will see a place to enter your station ID. Do not copy and paste the station ID, you must type it in ensuring that you type it in all caps.
    3. Enter you WU password in the next section.
    4. Click “Share Now”.
    5. On the left hand side of the AcuRite PC Connect Software you will notice a section labeled "Weather Underground Sharing". Once you click “Share Now” the Weather Underground Sharing will say “Weather Underground Sharing: Data Sending”. Once it says that please allow up to 30 minutes for your station ID on Weather Underground to start reporting.
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