Set Alarm to Custom Minimum/Maximum Temperatures for Model 00986


The default feature for sensor #1 (refrigerator) is minimum 33ºF/maximum 40ºF. Sensor #2 (freezer) will default to a minimum -22ºF/maximum 0ºF. 

To set the alarms to a customized min/max temperature:

  1. Press and hold the bell #1 button until the unit beeps. Where the current temperature was, the maximum alarm temperature will blink.
  2. Use the + or – buttons to change it.
  3. Press and release the bell #1 button. The minimum alarm temperature will blink.
  4. Use the + or – buttons to change it.
  5. Do this same process using the bell #2 button to customize the maximum alarm temperatures.

NOTE: When the unit is in a normal operating mode (not in alarm set mode), the min/max readings to the right of each current temperature reading are the min/max temperature recordings.

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