WUnderground upload via AcuRite Access or My AcuRite

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It appears that with the AcuRite Access I can login to the local Web GUI and enter the Wunderground ID and password and select a device id.

Or, I can login to My AcuRite, and then go to Settings > Share Weather and select the device to share

What is the difference? Do both funnel through AcuRite? Or does the AcuRite Acess upload DIRECTLY to weather underground, while My AcuRite works like AcuRite Access -> MyAccuRite -> Weather Underground?
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Posted 1 month ago

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When Access is correctly set up, it will send directly to WU using the

credentials that you entered via MyAcuRite sharing and that MyAcuRite has sent down to it.

Entering credentials data directly through Access' local web page is not advised. That is not the intended, supported path and may have unexpected results.
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Thanks. So then why do you have the ability to enter credentials into the local web page?

Sounds like both methods really involve Access directly uploading to Wunderground, it's just a matter of how the credentials get populated.
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Trying to set the values through the splash page is not safe.  I once managed to completely brick a SmartHUB that way.

Think of it as an "expert mode" where all the safety mechanisms are turned off.  It is not the intended way for an end-user to set the values.
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It is best to always enter the Weather Underground credentials through the myAcuRite settngs interface.

The internal diagnostics page on the Access will allow you to change Weather Underground settings and the Access will report to Weather Underground once the device is restarted.

However, any settings on MyAcuRite will overwrite the internal values in the Access duing the next update. So if you don't setup Weather Underground sharing through MyAcuRite, your station ID and password will eventually be erased from the Access.

I believe the ability to change the values on the internal page is for debugging purposes. During beta testing, there were other editable values on that page. But once beta testing was over, only Weather Underground values can be temporarily changed.