Wow you guys really really really suck.

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Shove your Access.
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Posted 4 months ago

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David P Naylor Sr

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They got their customer service from Comcast
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Kind of wondering why I purchased mine... Only advantage is that it will save data for when my internet goes down.... Battery backup is useless for me because it is on a UPS! The smart hub worked great and handled more connections.... I would rather take the other 3 wireless devices vs saving data to upload. I too am rethinking and looking at going to some other company. I used to feel like a valued customer, but that feeling has gone away!
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hafcanadian A

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Thanks for the detailed information as to why you developed that opinion.  Many of us have had the opposite experience with AcuRite.
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I never had a problem with CS, but when I spend $200.00 on something I expect it to last more than 2 years. Not replacing it.
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FYI - Acurite is putting a 2-year warranty in place on the outdoor portion of the Atlas.  Everything else is still the standard 1-year.

I don't think it covers storm damage, though.
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Tony Bacon

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I have been completely satisfied with my 5 in 1 now 14 months in service. Batteries probably due to be replaced soon.
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I have been very happy with my system until the Access came out... 1st thing they lost all my archive data, initial directions were not correct, the product was not ready for release. Also they should have made it for at least 10 units and not downgraded to 7,,, I feel it is more of a downgrade than an upgrade...  I also feel like I was forced to buy a product from them to keep my system running, even though there was no problem. They do this in the name of upgrade, but I do not see any real worthy upgrade,

A long time ago they told me that the reason I was loosing rain data was the location of my bridge and needed to be connected directly to the router and not a hub... That fixed that problem and data with my dedicated displays show the same data as the bridge. Did not make since, but that worked... 

Now with the access, plugged directly into the router and less than 15' from the access I am again loosing rain data... It logs much less rain than my displays do!

I guess I am not very happy with them right now, but I am already invested in them, so I guess they screwed me good!
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Wayne Webb

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the access has worked great for my system that includes a weather station and  5 temperature monitors for several months. i ordered and installed the access when they were first offered. the weather station tracks very well with a co located Davis Vantage pro. the acurtie was for the temperature monitors and the acurite weather station was just a lark.
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Doug Ables

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Ours died after about a year. Not replacing it with Acu-Rite. Still waiting on a reply to my problem from them. It has been over 6 months since I wrote them. Prefer to do business with companies that want my continued business not just take my money and run. 
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Yeah, it worked fine for about 6 months, now it don't connect to my pc to this day for some reason.
saw an earlier version  of pc connect in my restore, but never bothered.
May Accurite should do a rollback on earlier version since so many people are having problems now?......(just a suggestion).

The unit still functions okay but keeps telling me my data logger is full...connnect to PC????
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David P Naylor Sr

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i did an uninstall and the rebooted  and re installed from their website    ben working ever since
also make sure your on mode 3  usb  onyour display
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All I know is that I won't waste my money again. These weather stations are made to be replaced every year or two. Thrown out months ago, use 1weather app on my phone. More reliable.