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After a nasty upgrade to the Access I'm now suffering from a weak signal strength. Nothing has changed other than the Access. I've gone thru and tried disabling all WiFi but nothing seems to make a difference. Direct line of site with only a window as a separator at a little over 15 feet probably less than more.
I have two displays which both are within my house. One is about the same distance away with two walls of separation. The other is on the far end of my house over 20 feet away and a multitude of walls including the roof. Both displays are working very well with no drops in data.

Is the Access really this weak? What can I do besides moving it closer because that is not an option? My 5 in 1 sits on top of my house and this is the only window where it can be seen from.
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Posted 4 months ago

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Hello David,

When your Access goes offline, does the 5in1 come back online by itself or do you have to do a power cycle to get it back up and running? I see you are sending to Weather Underground, do you lose connection to WU as well? What building material is between the Access and the sensors? Do you have the Access within 3 feet of any major electronics, router and smartHUB included? If so, please move the Access away from the electronics as far as the Ethernet cable will allow you. Thank you.
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David, I feel sorry for you having to wait 3 WEEKS for an answer. ABSURD that this under-staffing still persists.
The Access actually should do better as they fixed the antenna pickup pattern. By line of sight thru a window? Do you mean HORIZONTALLY?   I suspect that the Access will not do well directly below the sensor as the sensitivity is to the sides.
Can you move (as a test) the Access to be AT the location of one of the working displays?
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3 weeks..... No apology for it either!!! At this point I've given up on AcuWrong. I've told everyone I know to avoid them like the plague and my trials from the beginning. Customers is not what they want, they just want their garbage to sell. The only reason I got this stupid Access is because I have a cousin that lives in Papau New Guinea. He resently told me that he loves seeing the weather back home. If it not for him I would have thrown this plastic junk in the trash. My main issue is that just like the 3 weeks, there is NO customer support. A "know it all" in a forum is not who I want to talk to, especially when they just love to talk over you simply to belittle you. I am of course not talking about you. :)

My station sits on a 4 foot pole on top of my roof. The direct line of site is just that, from my office thru the window I can physically see my station. The Access sits in my office and when I bend down to where it sits I can still see my station. My house is laid out kinda like a V or L which means from my office I can see my front door. I can't really move the Access but I think this brings up other issues that I'm not too okay with. The unit simply started working all on its own without me having to do anything. The signal states that it's been excellent ever since I originally posted. Does this mean something was possibly pushed to it as an update? Does this also mean that they could brick the unit without our knowledge? My experience with them has not been the best at all. Repeat, "it's not us it's you" issues just keep ringing in my ears. I could totally see an upcoming mistake in their end but all the blame being my fault.

Steve, thank you for your support and attempt to help. So far it's working, the how long is the question. The heat is starting to pickup here so we will see if their "fix" for the fan actually was a fix. I'm currently on number 4 replacement!!
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I've no need to belittle you.  You're doing that quite well yourself.

I'm sorry accurate technical information offends you.
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To some people Access is like a drug, it's no good for you but you still like it.  Perhaps rehab might work.   LOL