What is Acurite doing...are they still a company?

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What is going on at AcuRite. It takes us months to get the 5-in-1 working (instruction book is wrong, battery pack is faulty....etc0. Finally it is up and working for less than 1 week and I’ve get email our hub is going out of date and for a special price we can by the new and great “Access”. So I call to speak to someone, the # in the email is no longer in service, the numbers on the web are not functioning, so I go to the numbers I last used in the last senecio trying to get the battery pack fixed. I’m # 32 in line. They call me back. The representative gives me exactly what the email said and when I ask to speak to a supervisor puts me back into the line. I’m # 2 for 55minutes. So I finally give my # for call back. Now I am really angry.
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Joan Shirikian

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Posted 2 months ago

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Seems they are selling crap and are overwhelmed with complains. The my acurite software sucks too , keeps erroring out. Had to reinstall trying several laptops. WTF
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Hello Joan,

We apologize that you were not provided a call back. It is something we will look into. I have emailed you at the address on file. Please check your inbox.
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I've tried many times and have never been able to contact AcuRite by phone. At best I've been #10 in line. At worst, a message on the phone last February said their phone system wasn't working. Sorry, I don't have time to wait on the phone or wait for a callback. Like AcuRite,

I had a new wireless display that right out of the box had a dim section on the top portion of the screen. I tried contacting AcuRite for a replacement. Over time the screen has gotten worse. Now the top left and top right corners are totally blank. If I squeeze the display, the screen works.

I've even emailed AcuRite about the problem. Jennifer told me to contact support for troubleshooting. How do you troubleshoot a display that has been bad since day one?

I've had the display for 13 months now. It's out of warranty. So, I finally bought a new, open box display on eBay for $50. This seemed to be the least frustrating and quickest solution.
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Hello Shawn,
We are very sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced trying to reach the AcuRite Loyalty Team.  We are happy to assist you with the display that is not functioning as designed.  What is the model number of the display? Can you provide a picture of the dim area? Thank you.
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I have attempted to contact accurite by phone and email but have not gotten any replies. I ordered the new the hub with the discount code but was charged the full price. I have the item in the unopened box but don't know whst to do. Don't want to go to the credit card company or send it back for a refund . I need help but can't get it.
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The old hub worked most of the time.  They notified me that they will no longer support the old hub, thus rendering the whole system useless, so I fell for purchasing the new/improved Access hub.  This unit has absolutely no additional capabilities that I am interested in.    When it arrived I connected the new hub and it seemed to work for about a week.  Now it drops offline and stays offline for a majority of the time.  I've checked/changed the router port I've been using as well as the Enet cable and nothing fixes the problem.  It is definitely an issue with their equipment.  I'm extremely irate, as I feel that the forcing of the purchase of this piece of crap was nothing short of extortion.  I'd advise everybody to steer clear of this equipment and company.  They've even disabled all means of contacting support.  I'm going to start over with equipment from a proven company.
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Hello Craig,
We are very sorry for any inconvenience you have experienced with your Access.  Looking at your My AcuRite account the alerts have been deleted. Can you provide a specific date the unit went offline? Where do you have the Access placed? Is it within 3feet of any major electronics, router included?  If so, please move the Access away from the router as far as the Ethernet cable will allow you and in the direction of the sensor if possible. Please let us know if this issue continues. Thank you.
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I think I'm just going to shell out the extra money and go with Kumo tags.