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Converting one's Weather Underground history table into a spreadsheet.

I come across a way to make the downloaded table found under one’s public weather station history readable if you are sending data to Weather Underground.  I am sure most have probably did this already.  However, I thought the following might be helpful for those who haven’t done so and might want to give it a try if they want to save their data and be able to better read it.  I am using Excel and am not sure how to do it in other spreadsheets; though, I think that it may be possible.

Note that the following should work as it is written.  However, since I have never tried to give instruction on how to use a program such as Excel; I hope that you bear with me if I missed something.  Also, if this information was found elsewhere, I couldn’t find it.

Go to your Weather Underground homepage.  Right click on your location left of Report and open in new tab.  Go down below Summary to where it says Graph or Table.  Choose Table.  Then go just above Summary to choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly mode and click on View.  You should see your data in columns, not very readable.  Then you have the option of downloading.  Save it as text, not as a web page.  Since I didn’t think it was very useful so I used Excel to help put the saved data into a readable format again.

Open up Excel.  Open up a new sheet, go to Data tab, then Get External Data and then From Text.  Go to, open up and import the file you previously saved.  Choose delimited, click Next Tab and Comma, and then click Next, and you will be given a choice to set each column format or just leave it and click Finish.  You should see your data in a recognizable spreadsheet. It should look something like your PC Connect data in Excel.

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Posted 3 years ago

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I use google sheets but this helped me a ton to obtain old data I'd not saved to a spreadsheet...  Thanks!