Weather Station (5-in-1) Longevity

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Hi everyone, I've owned 3 of the "5-in-1" outdoor weather station. I'm curious to know what the longevity has been on your systems. Mine typically last 12-18 months before dying. Any replies are appreciated! Thank you.
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Ken Webb

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David Jones

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I've had my current 5-in-1 station for over three years without problems. Previously I had  the B&W version for about 5 years. When I upgraded I gave the old one to a friend. As far as I know it is still working fine.
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I also have had my 5-1 for a few years without any problems.
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Mine is well into the second year.  Pine needles (they blow from trees over 50' away) and spider webs are my problem.Please describe the environment these are in (eg. salt air, near chemical industry, volcano's  :p )  The air quality may be the culprit.
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Ken Webb

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Thanks for your reply. The unit is mounted atop a privacy fence. The outdoor temp has frozen and the rain gauge has recently become unresponsive. The barometer, windspeed and indoor temp continue to function. There's no noticeable debris in the rain catch basin.

The unit is mounted away from trees, shrubs, etc. I'm well inland, in Orlando, FL, so salt isn't a problem.

it's just a little frustrating to see these fail so often, as they aren't exactly cheap. I've considered alternate makes, such as Davis instruments. I know they're pricier, but may last longer.
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Ken, you do have to maintain the sensor. I do mine twice a year. I remove the cover and clean out the rain cups, remove bugs living in there etc and lubricate the shaft on the wind-speed cups. I believe mine 5 in one is around 4 years old. I have had rain gauge and wind speed both stop working before I started regular maintenance which is needed more or less often depending on the environment. 
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My first one died (temp sensor board corrosion) after slightly more than a year. I fixed it and was able to get another year out of it. Then I threw it out and bought another last month. My second (at another location) is into it's third year of use.
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This is an item that makes a Square Trade extended warranty a good investment. I got one for 3 extra years after Acurite's warranty. I think it cost around $14.00US
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My Pro 5n1 is going on 3 years not ONE problem, still original batteries!!
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I don't know why Acurite can't use the same grade of plastic they use for swimming pool accessories. The plastic used for the 5 in 1 fades and turns brittle after 2 years. I placed a moth ball packet inside my new one, and gave it a polish with UV spray used for cars. We will see if that keeps the spiders out, and prolongs the life of the plastic. Can't hurt.