temperature calibration 01098CDI receiver and 00592TXR transmitter

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Do any of the 694 "answers" to the Title solve my problem. 694 answers?!!! Maybe I asked the question poorly, but never mind ...

I purchased my unit 3 years ago at Costco. We have two wall thermostats and three weather stations (including the 01098CDI). The 01098CDI reads the indoor temperature 2 degrees warmer than the other four thermometers. The outdoor transmitter (00592TXR) reads 4 degrees warmer than the indoor unit when it is brought indoors ... or 6 degrees warmer than the other 4 indoor measurement devices.

Can the 01098CDI be calibrated? Can the 00592TXR be calibrated? 
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Christian,

Unfortunately this unit does not have the option to be calibrated, we would recommend doing a hard reset to see if that will even out the temperature readings.  If it does not, then the out door sensor would need to be replaced.  Those replacements can be purchased through the link below.


Before you purchase a new sensor though, please follow the steps below to perform a hard r

 The following steps should help to resolve any issues you have been experiencing with your unit.

Before proceeding with the reset, please check your batteries. We recommend that the batteries meet the following criteria:

• Verify you are using standard alkaline batteries such as Rayovac or Energizer. Lithium batteries can be used in the outdoor sensor if you are in a location that will frequently see temperatures below -4oF/-20oC. (Rechargeable batteries, as well as batteries that indicate a heavy-duty quality are not recommended, and may cause irregularities.)
• Verify that you are using a fresh set of batteries. The battery expiration date should be at least 6 years out. Batteries can lose 3% of their power or more every year in storage.

1. Bring both the sensor and display unit indoors and position them side by side.

2. Remove all batteries from both the sensor and the display unit. (If the display has an AC adapter, please unplug this, as well, to completely power down the unit.)

3. Locate the A-B-C ID switch inside each battery compartment. Make sure that the two parts are set to the same position. Please change both parts to the next available letter on the ID switch, as this can help to reset the unit. (Inside the battery compartment, you will see a small, white sticker with a 4-digit number. Please let us know this number.)

4. Reinstall batteries in outdoor sensor first. (Please be sure that the red light on the front of the sensor blinks, as this will assure that the sensor is powered on.)

5. Reinstall batteries (and/or reconnect AC adapter) to the display last.

6. Let both sensor and display sit side by side to establish connection. (Leaving the devices side by side for 30 minutes will allow you to verify accuracy by comparing the indoor and outdoor readings shown on the display. For accuracy standards, please visit http://www.acurite.com/accuracy.)

7. After a connection has been established, the sensor can be placed outdoors.

Should you require further assistance please contact our phone support at the number listed below. 

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Thank you for your reply.

I have been using Amazon AA rechargeable batteries; switching to Duracell alkaline and making a cold boot did not change the “problem”.

You asked about the number on the white sticker of the transmitter. It is QC 3613

Thank you for the link on temperature sensitive "tolerances". Given my experiences to date, it seems that the variance for the transmitter is within the acceptable tolerance (albeit extreme). I note my other two weather station products have much lower tolerances.

Following the cold boot, I kept the exterior transmitter next to the interior receiver. With the interior temperature at 78 degrees on my other thermostats, the interior receiver read 77/56 degrees/humidity and the exterior transmitter read 98/70 when the batteries were changed. I kept the two units inside together for 48 hours. The reading for the interior fluctuated from 77/56 to 79/50 during the two days --- which I think is OK. The reading for the exterior unit was 96/68 after 1 hour, 82/58 after 8 hours and 80/54 after 24 hours.

Do you think that it should take the transmitter 24 hours to come to temperature?

Do you think I should replace the transmitter?

If I replace the transmitter and the problem remains, how much of the cost (including shipping both ways) will I refunded for the transmitter? Thank you in advance for your responses.

Christian Roy Verbrugge

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Dear Christian,

For a sensor to accumulate it can take up to 30 minutes. Replacing the transmitter is always an option and if after you receive the sensor and the problem is continuing, you have 90 to return the product (minus shipping) for a refund.


Please view the link above if you choose to purchase a new sensor.

If you are requiring further assistance, please phone AcuRite Customer Support at 877-221-1252.