Suggestion To Splitting the 5-in-1 Sensor Suite

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I purchased / installed an Acurite 5-in-1 Professional Station in February 2018. As of a few hours ago, I was very happy with the unit and had no complaints whatsoever.


I have noticed a very glaring problem with the unit: In high, gusty winds (>40mph) the 5-in-1 unit will slightly shake on its mounting pole and cause the rain gauge tipping bucket to rock and occasionally register rainfall – even though it isn’t raining.

Of course, the obvious answer is to better secure the unit on the mounting pole and I did a professional job of mounting the unit. The unit stands 12’ above ground level on a reinforced steel pole assembly – sunk into 3’ of concrete base that is braced up to 7’ high (5’ below the unit). No matter how much it is braced, there is still going to be some sharp mounting vibrations / oscillations that are going to occasionally rock the rain gauge tipping bucket.

It makes no sense that weather instruments can be logically grouped together in an “all-in-one” package – such as a rain gauge and an anemometer together. Clearly, in order to get accurate wind speeds the anemometer has to be placed high, but it should be expected the rain gauge placed at this same level will be buffeted around and report erroneous / non-existent rainfall during heavy wind events.

Individually, each of the 5-in-1 sensors has exceeded my expectations in quality. But, as stated before, I would like to suggest that the wind direction / anemometer be in one separate mounting group, the temperature / humidity sensor in another mounting group, and the rain gauge in its own mounting group. I don’t see why this would be such a major engineering challenge for Acurite to do?

Thank You,

CP Fox


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Charles Fox

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Posted 6 months ago

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look ay the Atlas Elite, not released yet. I believe you can separate some sensors by specific distances (tethered)
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Charles Fox

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Thank You Bill...  Yes, I'm awaiting Atlas Elite's release and will almost certainly upgrade to Elite when it finally comes out.  I'd love to see the Elite Owner's Manual for getting some ideas of how I'm going to do the mounting and sensor placement.  I really like my 5-in-1 unit - until the Mojave Desert winds start shaking it around and driving the rain gauge crazy.  I'm sorta OCD that way - want it right!
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Hello Charles,

We have some customers who use guy wires to mount their sensor more securely so that it doesn't rock back and forth in the wind.