Strong winds and station only have a peak reading of 12 mph

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The Chicago area was forecasted for high winds and was under a high wind warning. I was excited as I just got the station and wanted to see what it can do. As the winds got stronger I noticed that I wasn't getting a accurate reading. I went outside checked the station it was in a good spot checked other websites for the wind speeds in my area and they were 20+ mph. My station wasn't even getting in the double digits. It's bad enough the station doesn't read wind gust but not to accurately read the winds. The hugest it got was 12 mph. I'm very tempted to return the station but this all I can really afford at this moment. 1057RM Pro w/color display
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Mike,

For accurate wind speeds, you want to have the weather station mounted a minimum of 6 feet off of the ground with no obstructions for several feel around it.  The higher your sensor is, the more accurate your wind will read.  Building and trees are obstructions that can greatly hinder accurate wind readings.  Is it possible that you could post a photo of how and where your sensor is located?  Have a great day!
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You said your station is "in a good spot" explain what a good spot to you is? do you have it high as possible? no obstructions of any kind near by for 100 or so yards?

My station is in a spot(south) where I get low readings from turbulence from a out building and a tree I have near by I know this so it's no alarm to me. 

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I live in A townhousewith a HOA so I have to be creative. I can't mount it high on the building or higher that the roof line. It's mounted on a 7 foot pole on my patio. If I mount it on a higher pole then I would have to use guy wire to keep from swaying. The only obstuctions I have is to the south. But west, north, and east is pretty clear.
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Hi Dan and Mike,

The sensor will give you the correct wind speed reading for your location. If you do not think it is reading correctly then I would recommend comparing wind speed readings, you want to compare it to something at the exact same height and location as your sensor.   Professional stations  are typically mounted 30 feet in the air with no obstructions around them for several hundred feet.   You want to have your station in a spot as high as you can for a more accurate reading, and with very minimal obstructions around the sensor.   If there are trees, hills, buildings in the area those will affect the wind speed readings. It would be ideal to have no obstructions for at least 100 feet around the sensor, however we understand customers are in residential areas, and probably will not be able to get that.  If you need further assistance please contact AcuRite customer support at 877-221-1252. Have a good day!