Strange event: 5-in-1 and indoor temp/humidity sensor switched inputs....I think!??

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Yesterday, I got an alert that my remote vacation house Wx Stn. was offline.  A family member was there so I got them to power cycle the Access hub, since power and internet service was not down.  After the power off/on cycle (waited 30 sec.), the station came back up online but it became clear that the TEMPERATURE readings from the outside 5-in-1 and ONE (of two) of my indoor temp/humidity sensors had switched.  That was obvious because the 5-in-1 reading went from 42 deg. to 70 degrees and the one indoor sensor went from 70 degrees to 42 degrees!  The other indoor sensor continued to show 70 deg. and the person onsite confirmed that from another indoor thermometer.  The station reports online continued to show a RED mark at the left end (hovering over it made is show "offline") even though Access was reconnected to power and internet, but over several hours the temp readings continued (battery backup in the Access??).  So I had the power AND internet connections to the Access disconnected and waited overnight (it was late evening when this happened).  This morning, on reconnecting the Access to power and internet, normal readings seem to be established.  The outdoor 5-in-1 is showing 46 and the indoor sensor that previously went to 40 deg. is now showing 46 (probably normal daytime temp).

So this event has me totally confused!!  Is it possible that, after a brief power cycle of the Access hub, the readings from 2 different temp sensors got "crossed up" and were reporting in the wrong places??  
Right now everything seems to be normal, but I'm just wondering what to think if this happens again!!  Opinions greatly appreciated!!  (new Acu-Rite Access Hub with 5-in-1 outdoor sensor and 2 indoor temp/humidity sensors)
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