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I recently received an email from Jon Balicki. Even though you are discontinuing service/support of the AcuRite smartHUB on February 28, 2019, I assume the units will continue to work as normal after that time.  I fully intend to continue using the product as I do now, with 10 sensors, and I fully understand that no further support or service will be provided should I have hardware or software issues with those units after that date. I have no interest in replacing my AcuRite smartHUB with an Access unit, which only handles 7 sensors. 
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Posted 5 months ago

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Yeah, I am using the smarthub and access unit, to have more sensors.  Good question...
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I am also not pleased with this as I have had issues with other Accurite hardware.  The Smarthub has been the only component that has worked correctly since I installed everything a year ago. I have the Smarthub with the 4 zone HD display and 3 sensors.  All of the sensors seem to be a few degrees off, the display froze up and had to be replaced under warranty and now the new one has a ridiculous delay when you try to adjust any settings (like push the button, wait 15-20 seconds before the screen changes).  Honestly, I wish my whole system could be upgraded to something thats not garbage.  I bought AcuRite because i trusted the brand but now having made a decent investment, I realize this is not the quality product I thought it was and I am disappointed.
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Hello all,
We are ending service on the smartHUB starting February 28,2019. This does mean the smartHUB will no longer update to My AcuRite or Weather Underground. We are confident that you will be thrilled with the upgraded features of the new AcuRite Access. We do encourage you to take advantage of the limited time promotional offer. The list price for the Access is $129.99, with the discount offer we are offering a 90 dollar savings which will essentially be a full price credit for the cost of the HUB you recently purchased. The smartHUB will no longer be sold or supported however, My AcuRite online monitoring will continue using the AcuRite Access. You can request your upgrade code at the link below. We are happy to answer any questions you may have either here or the AcuRite Support Team can be reached at 262-729-4850.
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Guess what? I am not thrilled with the Access. It is a useless piece of junk. I got one and it didn't work properly. You sent me a replacement, and it also doesn't work properly. It keeps loosing connection to the internet. None of your troubleshooting steps help at all. I want a refund. And I advise everyone else to stay away from this product. I am confident that anyone who buys the Access will be deeply disappointed. Just read the numerous complaints on this forum. Many problems, and none of them have been fixed.
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Holy crap, seriously? Hell no I'm not upgrading, and want my money back for the SmartHUB. It's not working right anyway, missing all the high wind readings. I will never spend another penny on ANY Acurite product and will make sure everyone I can reach knows about my experiences with them. It has been nothing but headaches since day one. This is unbelievable and unacceptable. I will accept nothing less than a full refund on my SmartHUB. I would like to say I could accept a FREE Access (NO additional cost) as a replacement, but there seems to already be problems with it, too. Email me for address to send my refund, you have my email address.
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Contact the Federal Trade Commission.  They want complaints.  Also, contact your States Attorney Generals Office.  Either they will take the complaint or tell you which state agency to file the complaint with.

It won't take 10 minutes to file the complaints to both places.

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I too have "upgraded" to the Access and it worked for a few days, now all I get is a blank screen. My old system with the hub never was a problem and the only thing I changed was the Hub to Access. I have tried all outlets on my router to no avail, if I reboot the Access it works for a few minutes, then a blank screen again, what a waste of money, talk about if it ain't broke don't fix it!!!
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I just purchased the SmartHub new less than a year ago for close to $100 with no mention that it had an expiration date nor that it would not be supported. You can't sell a product you plan on rendering useless less than 12 months later. Additionally the SmartHub pressure sensor was off to WU by over 8 mbar (I live at sea level, not at 236 feet in the air), despite support mentioning they are all "calibrated".

If Accurite is actually about "pro" weather sensors, why is there no specification about the barometer sensor inside the new Access such as the accuracy, resolution, etc? The current SmartHub gives 0.01"resolution to WU which is actually poor compared to what's available today, and any new smartphone with a $5 sensor can do 0.001 inHg or 0.01mbar

Please start thinking of customers. I applaud the discount toward an upgrade to Access, but to deactivating data service for a product sold new less than 12 months earlier is unacceptable and borders on fraud. What should have been done was to sell the new access for two years, stopping SmartHub sales, and then give notice to SmartHub users that the product would be phased out two to three years later At least that way they got something for their $100 investment at $25 per year. Your real pro black weather station looked like a step in the right direction to compete with Davis, etc, but even that seems to have fizzled. You may want to post the address where users can send any legal claims and notices to appear to Acurite for the upset users. I don't feel $100 is worth one year of weather data streaming and appreciate the extension to 2019, but not good enough. Thanks.
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I haven't heard from Acurite for any resolution. I'll wait a few more days, then it's time to take action. Either a NO COST upgrade to Access (AFTER it works correctly), or canceling plans to deactivate the SmartHUB. Making me spend more to keep it working, discount or not - that's smells like bait and switch. Acurite, trying to wait for an acceptable resolution before reporting and publicizing your extortion.
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The hardware design be 8 years old in February 2019.

It's time for its retirement.  
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Mine is nowhere near 8 years old and that doesn't make it ok. It's a functional product that I didn't rent or purchase for only temporary use, or to pay more to keep using. A 3rd acceptable option would be a full refund on my purchase of the SmartHUB.
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Please excuse me as I haven't looked here in a while.  What is the latest regarding the EOS for the wireless bridge?  Has a class action lawsuit been established yet?