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Hey Larry, Jennifer, Tori and other AcuRite/Chaney staff. Just imagine as you drive to work August 31st your car dies. DOA on the road. Don't reach for your cell phone. It died too.Why? Because the manufacturers decided you needed to upgrade, buy a new model. You'd be madder than hell, wouldn't you?  You'd support a class action suit against those manufacturers. You'd be justified. Your car and phone may have been aging, but they worked just fine.  The manufacturers are offering you a discount on a new car and phone, albeit less functional than what you own. But, maybe you don't have the money. Or maybe you stand on the principles of right and wrong. What those manufacturers did was greedy, short-sighted and wrong. You would never deal with those manufacturers again, would you?

I see bad weather on the financial horizon for AcuRite/Chaney, and it doesn't take a 5-in-1 weather station to forecast it. 

But wait, it isn't August 31st yet.  The manufacturers can fix their mistake. They can allow your car and phone to continue to work until they naturally fail on their own. Or, they can offer a 1 for 1 swap. And, they can make the replacements as functional as the originals.
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Posted 4 months ago

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Bob, you are spot on. I understand obsolescence with products but forcing us to buy a discounted replacement Hub which does not not support the same quantity of sensors I have, is ridiculous. Doing this will require me to purchase one discounted and another at full price to maintain the same capabilities I have today. For the price, I believe it is time to abandon AcuRite like they have done to us and move to Ambient Weather products instead.   
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If you're going to run into the sensor limit, give support a call.
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Mine is just 1 month old (very obsolete)...and I live in Spain. We've been screwed.
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Wow.... I had my Acurite SmartHUB a whole two months (bought 12/5/2017), and now I need to buy something else to continue to keep it working?  That's terrible customer service.  I'm still in my 90 day return period.
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It's a good thing AcuRite/Chaney isn't in charge of WiFi technology, or every single device using WiFi A,B,or G would be a paperweight.

If they can make WiFi backwards compatible, AcuRite/Chaney could have done the same thing...IF they wanted to.

The Ambient Weather Station WS-1401-IP is looking really good and it does more. I'd rather spend $150 with them than $40 with AcuRite/Chaney. But, that's just my thinking.  Geeze AcuRite, even greedy Microsoft is better than you.  They stopped supporting Windows 95 and Vista and XP, but they didn't kill the machines that run it.